Backup My PC "creating" write protected CR-RW media????

Two XP computers, both have a CR-RW drive, both use Backup My PC at the same version, both use Nero as a general CD-R/CR-RW support package.

First PC has been using this for at least a year to backup data to CD-RW media.  No problems all this time.

Second PC brand new.  Brand new CD-RW media.  Media needs formatting for use as backup media, so this is done using the format option in Backup My PC.  THIS CREATED WRITE PROTECTED CD-RW.  This baffles me.  I decide to research it but get busy, so a few weeks pass.

Meanwhile, on First PC...  remember, same software, same version SUDDENLY starts creating wite protected CD-RW through normal use.  ie:  nightly scheduled backup.  There have been no changes to this system other than windows updates and application installs.

Now then.

Is it the application installs?  Is it a Windows Update?  It's a moot point, because both are mandatory and can not be rolled back.

What I find fascinating is that the CD-RW media decided to go write protected.  What does that?  And how can I make them NON write protected again.  They resist any attempt to reformat even.  

I'd blame the age of the media on system 1, but with system 2 they were brand new.  I'd blame physical damage to the drives, but why would both develop this  problem in the same week with one of the systems being brand new?

The software has been functional on system 1 for a year and has not been updated.   Yet something in the underlying support for the CD-RW drive must have changed....

My actual questions:
- how does a CD-RW get set to write protected?
- can they be UN-write proctected?  If so, how?
- how can I get back to both systems doing backups?

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Look for any recent windows updates that caused this and roll them back.  If you have your systems set to get the latest *defective* updates from Microsoft, then YES, they both would go haywire at about the same time.  I NEVER NEVER run windows automatic updates, turn it off in my computer properties, both SP1 and SP2 are stable and worth sticking with, if you dont use IE or outlook, that is the main way these SPs get corrupted.  So clearly something happened to the two systems at about the same time, and windows update is the guilty culprit, until proven innocent, which is almost impossible to do...

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Look for an option in the backup software which "Closes" the CD. A closed CD or closed session is allways write protected and you need to erase the CD before you can write to it again.
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