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How to set WHILE condition in a DO WHILE loop

Posted on 2006-05-25
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

I am quite new to programming so my question might seem a little silly. Please bear with me.    I have a DO While loop. My Problem is that I want to set the WHILE condition I want to say that perform the statements in the Do loop WHILE the statement m=m+1 is executed. The m=m+1 statement is somewhere else in the code. How can I set my WHile condition? Below is my DO While loop:

Private Function RepeatLoop()
     If m <= (UBound(SubDir) - 1) Then
            ReadContents SubDir(m), m
           Exit Function
      End If
  Loop While  (m= m+1   Is Not Executed) --- HOW TO SET THIS CONDITION
End Function

I have m as a global variable whose value is being used everywhere in code.

Thanks for any help.

Question by:pmud
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Expert Comment

ID: 16765538
Is this a multithreaded application?  I kind of doubt it is, in which case you have only a single thread.  When the single thread executes the Do loop it will be stuck in there and will never execute the m=m+1.  

I would like to know what you are trying to do...

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Assisted Solution

SunBow earned 900 total points
ID: 16765632
1>  WHILE the statement m=m+1 is executed
2>  While  (m= m+1   Is Not Executed)

er, make up your mind is a good step.

It helps me to run a cheat. By knowing what the rest of the code is (such that m is not used anywhere else than than one line of incrementation)

before entering loop, you can set another variable to 'remember' what m was for you:


Then you can execute the loop while n=m
This satisfies condition #2, for as soon as m changes, the difference can be detected.

For the other condition, #1, you'd need place the 'remembrance' of n=m inside the loop, and after the incrementation may or may not occur, if that is a random event or whatever.

As fyi, the question is unusually phrased.

Usually, for an 'Until' or a 'while', we do that on the same line

ex: Do m=m+1 While m<=10
ex: Do m=m+1 Until m=10

Something more like that, the syntax depends on language,

> m as a global variable

A good reason to create a new local variable that is set to the global one.
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Assisted Solution

SunBow earned 900 total points
ID: 16765744
global variables should really have longer names, if only generic global_m to help them stand out

> The m=m+1 statement is somewhere else in the code.

Wherever that is, you have to set the backup prior to that. I thought you meant anywhere in the loop. Let 'n' be the backup.


...                     ;lots of stuff, anywhere
m=m+1             ; note, this is probably conditional, may be executed, maybe not
...                     ;lots of stuff
while n=m
  - or -
while n<>m

(depending on #1 or #2 need)

--------- ---------------

Maybe like basicinstinct indicates, you need to get a better definition of what to do, or maybe you just want alternative, such as a:

Do        m=m+1
.....                                                           ;stuff
Loop     while     m <= (UBound(SubDir) - 1)
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Assisted Solution

Arthur_Wood earned 300 total points
ID: 16766073
try your loop like this:

m = 1
Do While  m <= (UBound(SubDir) - 1)
    ReadContents SubDir(m), m
    m = m + 1

Expert Comment

ID: 16769299
i don't know what u r doing.. :)

m will never be = to m+1..  :O

try to redefine what you want with some logic


Expert Comment

ID: 16769358

i think you should explain in english what u want to do ,so we can help u


Accepted Solution

lojk earned 300 total points
ID: 16769470
It is sometimes simpler to do

Private Function RepeatLoop()
     If m <= (UBound(SubDir) - 1) Then
            ReadContents SubDir(m), m
           Exit Do
      End If
End Function

Author Comment

ID: 16777188
Hi All,

Thanks for your responses. I have already set the condition for my Do WHile loop based on another variable n which increments itself everytime a the user clicks a button and some processing occurs as mentioned by SunBow . But I read about Application.DoEvents just now and I think I was having trouble eariler with my Do while loop,since all my program was within a do while loop, but I didnt want the loop to process again until an event occurred (done by user) . I think Application.Doevents does that if i am right. Thanks lojk for letting me know this important aspect.

Thanks a lot to all of you for the answers . It was very helpful.

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