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Mobile Options - MSFP ,Goodlink ?

I am investigating options for mobile/wireless  access to sync Outlook mail with our Exchange server.  

-Is MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack) for Exchange truly available now?  
-And what is the difference between MSFP with the "Direct Push" and Goodlink's software ?
-Am I correct in thinking that Goodlink will work with more devices than MSFP because the devices may not be updated for the MSFP/AKU I have read about?
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thefumblerAuthor Commented:
Increased points if someone can provide step by step instructions to install MSFP or a link that makes sense.
Here is all the info about microsofts push technology:


The direct push feature is definatly avalible as long as you have exchange 2003 with sp2. Most service providers have released or will shortly be releasing the update for their handsets. Id contact your provider to see if it is avalible for your phone!!
as for goodlink i dont have any information about that as we have gone with the MSFP system.


Dave J
Pretty much all devices released in the last couple of months and ongoing will have MSFP support. Older handsets are catching up. What you need to consider is whether Goodlink brings anything else to the table that MSFP doesn't. The major advantage of Goodlink is that it covers more devices, of different types. Therefore you can mix and match.
Does that justify the cost of the Goodlink system (remember - dedicated server as well).

MSFP is free (I am excluding handset cost as you have to purchase those anyway) and is bundled in with Exchange. No additional server and easily supported. The Goodlink user base in comparison will be tiny.

On smaller sites MSFP is the only way I go. Blackberry have tried with Express edition of their software, but the simplicity of the MSFP deployment is turning it in to a winner - in effect by default.

thefumblerAuthor Commented:
thanks all.  I was waiting to see any other responses before closing. We'll probably go the free MSFP direction, but to make sure I wasn't missing something, I talked to a Goodlink sales person and they have some decent literature on the differences between what they offer and MSFP.  However, since I am just at the beginning stages of research , I dont' fully understand the feature significance that someone with intimate knowledge of MSFP.  Of course they are sales presentation materials and they may be meaningless/trumped up differences.  I would post here, but they are ppt files.  Call Goodlink and ask for these files if interested.


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