How do I Hide Contacts From the Global Address List

I am running Windows 03 Server + Exchange 03... I have contacts setup in AD with email address and other info which I do not want displayed for all user to see... I have checked the option Hide From Exchange Address List on the Exchange Advanced Tab in the conatcts property page and I have denied access to the All Contacts Address List in the Exchange System Manager... But the contacts are still being displayed in the Global Address List...
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it is most likely ur outlook clients are deployed with CATCHE mode enabled....
diable and they will all diappear...or u have to wait about 24 hours for authomatic update....
To update the Outlook 2003 address book when using cached mode, just click on the menus: Tools | Send/Receive | "Download Address Book..."  and then close Outlook and restart it. Otherwise, it will automatically update some time in the next 24 hours.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to run the Recipient Update Service in Exchange System Manager, and then repeat the above process in Outlook.
seaboardtechAuthor Commented:
Thank you both... I wanted to accept both answer but it wouldnt let me... Im sorry Darwinian999
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