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how to make a site get a top rank

Hi all experts,
Could you all provide me some main idea about how to make a site get top or good rank?

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Julian MatzCommented:

There are a lot of factors, which are all very well outlined on this page:

To summarize:

You need to do some research on the keywords you will use on your site. These must be specifically targeted to the content of your site. Each page in your site should have a maximum of about 3 keywords. These keywords must be strategically placed within your pages. These would include Title, Description, Headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, Bold, <b>, beginning, middle and end of body, Anchor text, example: <a href="keyword.html">keyword</a>.

It is also very important to have a well organized internal link structure.

These are some of the important on-page factors. Off-page factors are equally important and usually refer to backlinks. You have to make sure that you have high quality inbound links, from sites with similar content and high pagerank. The more "important" sites that link to yours, the more "important" your site gets.

Hope this gives you a good starting point...
sdiekenAuthor Commented:
thank you so much for your helps!
Top rank depends totally on your keywords that you are ranking for you.

If you are using a more competetive keyword then that will be much harder to rank for that a non competetive

ie - poker - very competetive

and - online poker rooms in manchester - might not be all that competetive.

The keyword research you choose will be key.

Shane Jones
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A top site rank does not just happen!

The rank of your site depends on:

The popularity of your site.
Content  vs Keywords... How well your content fits the keywords.
Who links to your website
That is a very subjective question. there are different approaches to get top rankings on individual search engines but few factors remain common. if you want a good ranking on the internet generally, you need to work upon the following factors on your website :-

1. create a content rich website on your subject, specially the home page must be highly relevant and enriched with information regarding your selected keywords.
2. start exchaning links with websites sharing similar topics. a solid link popularity will place your site above most others for your keywords.
3. work on the on-page elements of your webpages including the meta tage, use of <h> tags in the body, image alt tags etc.
4. submit your site to as many web directories, indexes and search engines as possible. register yourself with relevant forums, newsgroups, community websites.
5. write articles on your subject and post them on article listing websites.
6. monitor your competition for your selected keywords and use the knowledge gained to improve your own web pages.

doing all the above will definitely help your cause but remember gone are the days when tricks could help you escalate your rankings. today there is only one formula for building popularity on the internet - WORK HARD !! & WORK SMART !!!
Once you have determined the keywords and phrase you want to optimize around, type them in and analyze the sites that do have top ranking. Observe where those specific words and phrases are used on each page and how often they are used. Test also for number of sites linking back to them by going to google and typing entering the url in the seach window preceded by the word "link: followed by a colon, like link: www.expertsexchange.com. There is software from www.axandra.com that automate much of the legwork for you, but you can slog through on your own as well. There is still much judgment required.

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