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Hello there;
I have inherited a Cisco PIX 515 firewall with FOS 6.1(1). As a newbbe to Cisco i would like to have your help with setting up PDM. The reason is, that i need to change my public adresses and the reverse NAT mappings and i'm not good with the CLI commands.My questions are the following;
How can i download PDM?
How can i install it?

Thank you.
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arvindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pix 515 comes with PDM..

[1] login to pix --
[2] goto enable mode -- type en and enter the enabe password
[3] type conf t press enter
[4] give the following command to enable PDM access

http server enable
http your lan network IP inside
[5] type wr m and logout from pix.

[6] open browser  and then enter https://pix private IP -- enter login info
some time pix PDM will ask to install CMS plugin -- follow the instruction and install the CMS plugin
rsivanandanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the latest PIX firewall OS from, if you have a CCO account. Usually if you have contract with Cisco, like SmartNet, you will be able to do it. Download 6.3(5) version as that is the best running now in 6.x series.

nodiscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per Rajesh - I would first download 6.3(5) and then download the PDM you want - need CCO account though.  Here is the procedure for upgrading pdm

hope this helps
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a note - changing nat mappings in the PDM GUI is not at all intuitive, straightforward, or easy to understand.
On the other hand, a quick, simple CLI command does it in no time.
If you don't upgrade the OS to 6.3 , you can't use PDM ver 3 and PDM ver 1 (the only version that will work with 6.1) is aweful
isaman07Author Commented:
I have created a CCo account, but for some reason i have nothing or no way to download anything. Is it safe to upgrade from 6.1(1) to the latest version 7?
Some commands are not available in V7 and there are some slight other differences.  If I were you - I would use 6.3(5) unless you have a particular reason to go to V7 at this point.  The URL for software images is

Enter CCO details and you should be able to login and download - 6.3(5) is about halfway down the list

prueconsultingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Version 7 also has higher requirements with hardware. You didnt mention if it was a 515 or a 515E. Typically with an older model 515 you will have to add ram to make it work under 7.0.

Unless you have a smartnet agreement on the Pix you will not have access to download the pix ios , since it would require some linking a plain CCO account would not have access to those downloads
isaman07Author Commented:
Hey arvind;
Youare absolutely correct, but now i have problem with authentication. All my combinations did not work, how can i solve this?

did you forgot pix password?
isaman07Author Commented:
No, actually i found out that to access it you need a blank username and the enable password, but for some reason after the authentication the page does not load.
Thank you.
isaman07Author Commented:
Ok, how can i split the points?
Right above the comment box is a "split points" link
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