Migrating data into MS Great Plains

I finally was able to get all the bugs out of the initial installation of dynamics gp 9.0  I have company history that goes back 2 years now that I don't want to lose.  I have already migrated it into Small Business Accounting 2006 just to make sure it's in both formats. How can I migrate either  the SBA or Quickbooks data into Great Plains? I need the answer asap so this questions will be worth 500 points

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you can import data into GP using integration manager - GL accounts, debtors, creditors, transactions, etc...All you need to do is set up source & destination & mappings (kinda like DTS). The source can be a csv file, so im sure there's a way to get ur quick books / sba data into a text file
Hi Adam
Have you tried Great Plains Integration Manager? Its on the GP9 cd2

think you have it backwards, you can migrate great plains into quickbooks, but I dont think you can migrate quickbooks <<latest version>> to great plains, at least I have never seen it done, unless GP has come up with a new utillity to do it.
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