Difference between callback and postback?


I guess callback is a new term introduced in .NET 2.0
Pls explain the difference between callback and postback?

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DreamMasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Callbacks are HTTP requests called from the client browser using javascripts and the response are also intercepted by javascript.
The essential difference between callbacks and postbacks is the absence of a full page reload in a callback.
In a postback, the form data content is submitted as a POST request and the response returned is a complete HTML page.
A postback request-response cycle results in page refresh, with callbacks, both requests and responses are handled with javascript, it is unnecessary to reload the whole page on a callback response, only additional or new content are added or replaced.

Effectively, callbacks allows incremental changes to a page.

Basically, callbacks are the basic principle for AJAX to work.

Max is absolutly right.

Callbacks allow to refresh the page contents partially while page gets reloaded during postback.

For IE , we can use XMLHttp object to implement callback.. Callback is related to the browser's behaviour.
pradithAuthor Commented:
Thank You
You are very welcome!

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