Mass storage Device driver installation failed


1. intro:
when I installed my cell phone drivers to w2000 for the first time everything worked. Then I was testing installation of some other independent program and it damaged some files on my pc I had to reinstall w2000 (without formatting the disk).

2. problem:
I tried to install my cell phone again so as to connect it to my pc and upload photos and it failed:

a) it does not show "removable driver"
b) in Device manager it says in the section universal serial bus controllers - sony ericsson memory stick - exclamation point on yellow background
c) when I try to reinstall or update the driver (b) it always automatically jumps to c/winnt/inf/usbstor.inf -> and next is: "An error occured during installation of the device, data is invalid.

Question: what should I do (except formatting HD and fresh w2k installation) ?

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Uninstall your cellphone software, make sure all is also removed from the device manager (set view to show "hidden devices").

First make sure you have downloaded and installed all utilities and drivers from your mainboard manufacturer. Then install the last servicepack for windows 2000. After that run all the windows updates, and when that is finished, reinstall the cellfone software as explained in the manual for that software.
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