Issue adding multiple folders to Notes database - Folders Not Appearing


One of our users is getting an issue when adding multiple folders in Notes 6.5.5. She can add a top level folder then another level below that, but when she adds 4 folders below that, she can only see 1 of them. To see all 4 folders she has to close database and re-open.

This is a database in use by multiple people and they all get the same result.

Anyone know of this issue?

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What database? Where are the "folders" appearing.. Is this a custom database, and are the folders appearing in a frameset, like an outline? or is this a mail file?  Perhaps a Lotus Template like discussion, or doc library?

It depends on how and where the folders are being displayed, so we would need a bit more information in order to duplicate your problem and come up with a solutions.

NeoI5theOneAuthor Commented:
It's a standard mail database with the standard mail template.
Sorry, forgot about this question.  I'm wondering, what version is the mail file and was this upgraded from a previous version of notes?

Did you try:

Replacing the design of the database and then running compact?

Throw a local replica of the database and see if the same thing occurs on the same machine, on another machine.

If it's just limited to one machine, then delete cache.dsk, compact the workspace and bookmarks. And try again on the local replica.

If the problem doesn't occur on a local replica, but occurs on the server copy for more than one user, then make sure you replicate to the local replica that you created, (and you may have to stop the Notes service) and delete the copy on the server and replace it with a copy of the local replica.  (replication sometimes cures all evils).

Again, sorry about the delay in the response.
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