Can Not Get A Domain Master Browser

I not 100% certain this has been put in the right section, so i do apologise, but I did post in NT Networking initially and no responses unfortunately.

It seems I am having to use the forums a lot lately!

We are about to upgrade our Network from NT to Active Directory but we are having problems with our PDCs.

A brief outline:

We have just segmented our network into several VLANs with varying Subnets
We have Master browsers on each VLAN on the network, and they are all meant to relay to a domain master browser.  This will be our PDC.
Our PDC is running NT4 service pack6a it is not running WINS or DNS it is only there as a Domain Controller.

Our first attempt to upgrade the Network resulted in the WINS database getting corrupted when we promoted one of our BDCs to be a PDC.

We need to resolve the browsing issue before we attempt to upgrade again.

We have checked using Hyena and also looked in the WINS database and they are both saying that we do not have a domain master browser.
Every forum or Microsoft white page has told us that by default the PDC will be the domain master browser, but this has not been the case.

We are upgrading to AD in approx 14 days so we are in a rush to get this done, hence the high points value of the solution (If i could award a million I would on this one)

We have also tried to promote a BDC to be another PDC to try and kick of some sort of election between them, but we still no domain master browser.

The PDC will only operate as a master browser on its own subnet instead of the entire network.

Please if anyone could help that would be fantastic.  Let me know if you need any extra information and thank you to any and all who help with this.
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sonik-onlineAuthor Commented:
You are a lifesaver mate, thank you very much :)
sonik -
Glad the answers worked for you - and I appreciate the points.
sonik-onlineAuthor Commented:
You deserved em mate, trust me you are a life saver, we are about to role over to AD in just over a week and our Domain Master Browser is now slowly catching up with all the PCs in the domain.  So thank you again. :)

I cant believe that it was just a silly registry mod that was stuffing it up!
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