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I need to be able to find all users that exist within BOTH AD groups "Citrix Office 2000 Users" and "Citrix Clinical Office Users". I have 2600 users so the list would be a bit large to manually go through.

We had some users get assigned to both groups, therefor they are getting the Office icons two times on their desktop.

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Hello Campbelc,

Create a query in ADUC.
Open ADUC and in the "Saved Queries"folder create a new query.
Select "define query", select "custom search" and klik the advanced tab.
Use the following query for your search:
(&(objectClass=User)(memberOf=CN=Citrix Office 2000 User,OU=OUNAME,DC=domainname,DC=com)(&memberOf=CN=Citrix Clinical Office Users,OU=OUNAME,DC=domainname,DC=com))
you wil have to change the CN and OU names for teh query to work in you environment.

Here are some LDAP search samples for some extra information.

Good luck,

campbelcAuthor Commented:
Thank you worked great. My problem was I entered the OU statements in reverse.
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