Need help sending syslog.conf files automatically and in real time from one linux box to another

I am new to Linux and just getting my feet wet in trying familiarize myself with using the OS.  One of the things I am trying to do right now is have all of my syslog.conf files from all of my servers sent to one central Linux server for collection.  I then have another piece of software that is supposed to allow me to analyze those collected logs.  Can anyone help me with the commands or script writing that it will take to get these logs from various Linux servers to automatically be sent to a centralized syslog.conf Linux collection server?  Any help would be great.
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. define your loghost in /etc/hosts or DNS
x.x.x.x    <hostname> loghost

2. Add the following line into /etc/syslog.conf of all your servers.
*.*                                                     @loghost
(P.S. Make sure use "Tab" for the space between *.* and @loghost. syslog.conf only recognize "Tab", not space.)

Then reload the syslog daemon on the server you change the syslog.conf.
That's it.

syslog allows you to send your logs to another server running syslog heres a good guide:

read the section: Logging across the network
ltbuellAuthor Commented:
So, Wesly chen, whey I edit the /etc/hosts file, I am doing this on the servers that the logs are coming from, not the central server they are going to....correct?
>  I am doing this on the servers that the logs are coming from
Yes, modify the /etc/syslog.conf on those servers that you want to forward the log the the "loghost", the central server.
Replace the (Tab) with "Tab" key.
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