What protocol is used under a Socket in J2ME?

Hello, I am trying to understand various wireless communication protocols.

On J2SE, when I use a socket to communicate, the underlying protocol is TCP/IP.

On J2ME, when I use a socket to communicate, what is the underlying protocol?  Specifically, which layers of the WAP protocol stack are used?

Now, if I open an IMPS J2ME client on my wireless phone to chat with a friend on his PC, what happens?  I thought IMPS is supposed to replace the WAP protocol stack.  Is that correct?  Where does IMPS stand relative to WAP?

What if I open a native IMPS client on my wireless phone?  Does it behave exactly the same way as the J2ME client?


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bgloddeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Open Mobile Alliance page is a great resource to facilitate further understanding of these protocols.
Specs: http://www.openmobilealliance.org/index.html

When you open a socket in J2ME, you use the same protocol as J2SE, TCP/IP.

With IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Service) uses CSP (Client server protocol), but it is using a push mechanism rather than polling. All of this wonderful stuff is built on top of TCP/IP.

WAP is different. Similar to IMPS, WAP is capable of presence services and can do push with a proxy. WAP 2.0 does away with the proxy (built on HTTP1.1). WAP is built on top of HTTP, which - at it's root - is TCP/IP.
Specs: http://www.wapforum.org/what/WAPWhite_Paper1.pdf  <-- this paper has the WAP stack at the bottom of the page and is very useful in understanding

More about TCP/IP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCP/IP

Hope this info helps!
anonpAuthor Commented:

WAP is not built on top of HTTP.  WAP is built to parallel HTTP.  WAP for wireless and HTTP for wired.  HTTP is not used for the wireless half of a web access from a cell phone.

Is TCP/IP available when I am using my cell phone?  Can you link to the article that claims that?  I thought TCP/IP is only for the wired half of a cell phone web access.

The information that you provide seems to be inaccurate...

anonpAuthor Commented:

Actually, I was wrong. Thx
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