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My firm is running Windows 2000 AD, Exchange 2000 Enterprise and Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.0.  We have a mailbox called "helpdesk" where users will send helpdesk requests.  Since our IS deparment does not have a way to monitor the helpdesk 24/7, is there a way to configure this "helpdesk" mailbox to forward emails to our Blackberries ONLY after normal working hours?  I'm looking at 6:00pm-5:00am during the week and all weekend long.  Any suggestions would be apprciated.
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Exchange does not have this functionality.
The only thing I can think of is setting up a distribution group with the admins in that group, and then in Exchange General/Delivery Options enter the distro group in the Forward To area (obviously you'd want it delivered to both helpdesk & distro group). As far as how to get it to only send during certain hours I think you're in an all or nothing situation. Either helpdesk gets blackberry notifications all the time or none of the time.
presstekAuthor Commented:
I don't have an issue with setting up the distribution group for notifications.  The big issue is figuring out if it is at all possible to send during certain hours.
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