Everytime I start outlook I have to logon to the public folders

every time I start outlook I have to logon to the public folders is there a way I can make is so that I don't have to type in my user name and password everytime I start outlook up? I'm running exchange server through an https proxy.
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is this outlook 2003? Exchange 2003?
If you are using RPC over https then you can check remember password and each time outlook start up it should remember you password. Also not if you have VPN access into the office you can VPN in and you will not have to enter any username and password.
One trick is that outlook 2003 if you have the setting to detect slow connection in the case of a VPN scenerio then it will still prompt for password. So there is not much gurantee on password prompt. best practices suggested that users do not same password by default in the event of virus.

Good luck.
Are you asking for Public Folder or Personal Folder?

brady1408Author Commented:
oh very good suggestion Roshan25 I turned off the use http on fast networks to use the local RPC that works great, I don't mind if I have to login on a vpn or when I'm using the https, I just don't want to have to log in every time I startup outlook at the office. Thanks that works
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