Raid 1 set up on scsi controller but Win2003 server shows disk as offline

Using LSI Logic 21320RB Ultra320 Dual Channel controller, I went into the card bios and set the card to mirror two identical Fujitsu drives.  The onboard scsi controller has a single drive attached that has Windows Server 2003 installed as the boot drive.  In order for the server to boot from this drive, I had to disable the bios on the LSI Logic card.  When I boot the server and go to Disk Management, it shows the C: drive as it should, but it shows the mirrored drives as one dynamic drive ('LSILogic 1030 IM scsi disk device' in Properties) that is set to OFFLINE and I can't get it changed.

My first assumption was that having the controller card do the mirroring would be better - faster - than having Windows handle the mirroring.  Is that a correct assumption?  If not, I can get it set up with Windows doing the mirroring.

If I SHOULD have the scsi card control the mirroring, how do I get the OS to recognize the drive and show it as ONLINE?
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knoxzooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The card will handle RAID faster than the OS, and save a boatload of processor time/power.  However, the cards BIOS must be enabled for it to handle the task, and all drives involved must be on the card, giving the card's processor access to them.  

Pull the boot drive off the on-board and put it on the first channel of the LSI card.  Put the second drive on the other channel of the LSI card.  Reenable the LSI BIOS, set the RAID parameters, and, if the mobo BIOS supports it, set the LSI as the first SCSI boot object.
si-supportAuthor Commented:
I thought of putting the OS drive on the new, faster card, but was concerned about everything on the scsi bus slowing to the lower speed of the old drive (ultra3 vs ultra 320).  

Will this NOT be a problem if I put them on the two different channels as you suggest?
Rig it up, configure speeds in the BIOS, fire it up, and pop a top.
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