Routing protocols advice

I have a leased line point to point connection. I would usually use static routes to configure this.

Could I use eigrp or other dynamic routing ptotocols  over this link?

Would there be any advantage in using eigrp or any other dynamic protocol over statics in apoin to point situation?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you? Yes. EIGRP is Cisco proprietary, but if both routers are Cisco, then yes. Or OSPF. Or RIPv2
Is there any advantage if these are the only two sites and there are no other routes to/from either location? Nope.
Does dynamic routing add data packet traffic to the WAN link? Yes. I assume you want the absolute least amount of unnecessary traffic over this P2P link as possible so that your applications will have the best chance as acceptible performance.

My prefrence is always use a dynamic protocol because of the flexability and learning about new segments
Is there an advantage if these are the only two sites and there are no other routes to/from either location?  Yep.  IP address changes don't require static routes on the <other> router, period.  Life becomes simpler.

Please don't use RIPv2.  If you have any chance of using non-Cisco gear later, don't use EIGRP.

OSPF is a good protocol, mature and very flexible.  IS-IS is the esoteric choice, but this often requires a better feature set.  IS-IS is a very common choice with service providers (I'm about to switch my production SP network from OSPF to IS-IS), so it too is very stable.
IGRP is a good choice as well as it interoperates between vendors has great recovery time and is very flexable.  I do prefer Cisco's implimentation of EIGRP but it is Cisco only.  
Huh?  What other vendors support IGRP?  And why would someone want to run a distance vector protocol?
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