How could I recover a file that was deleted from an FTP server ?

Hi Experts.

I need to find out how to recover a file that was deleted from an FTP server.  I was testing an FTP server to make sure the files could be uploaded and I miskately deleted an important file. Does it go to a recycle bin ? or does it go anywhere else. Please help.

Thank you.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
File Recovery

When a file is deleted either from the Network, By a program or from the Command Line, is does not get put into the recycle bin. However the file is NOT erased, instead the information that points to the file is erased. By erasing the pointer, the file becomes "Invisible" to the Operating system. Using Third party software these files can be recovered.

NOTE: remove the offending Hard Drive and fit in in a working PC as a slave drive - Deleted files get overwritten FIRST so just installing recovery software can over-write them.

**********Freeware Recovery Tools**********

Deleted File Analysis

PC Inspector
(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS)

(Also have a Netware version - NOT FREE)

**********TrialWare Recovery Tools**********

Undelete 3.0 (30 Day trial available)
(NT/2K/XP) - Can run direct from the CD

File Recover

(FAT12/16/32 NTFS NTFS5 and Ext2FS)

Recover My Files

**********Shareware Recovery Tools**********

File Scavenger
(NT/2K/XP) - Supports Reformatted Volumes -Limited to 32Kb file size!

GetDataBack for FAT
(FAT) Works Even After FDisk and Format, Can run Over the network.

GetDataBack for NTFS
(NTFS) Works Even After FDisk and Format, Can run Over the network.

(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS) Runs From MMC Console

(FAT 12/16/32 NTFS) Runs from DOS Bootdisk

FinalData Plus

************Commercial Products************

File Restore ($39.00)

HDR Data Recovery ($485.00) Trail available

**********Good Link to More Info***********
Video Tutorial
have u tried any recovery or undelete softs?
PeteLong has covered the many available options.

Was the FTP server being backed up?  if so, you should be able to restore it from backup.

If it is an FTP server that is heavily used, the quicker you stop writing to that drive (stop the FTP service) and attempt the recovery of the files the higher the chance for recovery of the file.  

If you know who uploaded the file in the first place, checking with them might yield a copy.
LeonHeynsAuthor Commented:
Thank you experts, we checked the backup and the backup has already been over written. Thank you to all and especially for being detailed and precise.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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