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I don't want STRING to ignore whitespace

I know that whitespace is ignored with the string class, but is there a way to override that and tell it to not ignore whitespace? Say for instance I want to input an address. If write this:

std::string address;
cout <<"Address: ";
cin >>address;

and say the address is "1000 Roverhill Rd" then the only thing address is going to pick up is "1000". I can't just make 3 seperate strings for each partition of the address because I don't know if the address will end up being 3 words, 4 words, or however long (Ex. 1000 Roverhill Rd and 1000 Rover Hill Rd). I want to just be able to use the above code I have and in the end, all parts of the address be stored in 1 string. Is this possible? Is there perhaps another header file I can download that address this issue?

Just to further clarify what I'm trying to do, here is what I'm writing:

string name, address, city, state, zipcode, purchased, date, serial, model;
      cout <<"** ADD NEW ENTRY **"<<endl<<endl;
      cout <<"First and Last Name: ";
      cin >>name;
      cout <<"Address: ";
      cin >>address;
      cout <<"City: ";
      cin >>city;
      cout <<"State: ";
      cin >>state;
      cout <<"Zip Code: ";
      cin >>zipcode;
      cout <<"Purchased From: ";
      cin >>purchased;
      cout <<"Date Purchased: ";
      cin >>date;
      cout <<"Bow Serial Number: ";
      cin >>serial;
      cout <<"Bow Model: ";
      cin >>model;

When I go to put in a person's name, here's how my console looks:


First and Last Name: John Smith
Address: City:

As you can see, it puts "John" in the name variable and "Smith" in the address variable. There a way to stop this? Thanks for any responses.
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1 Solution
use getline function for each input...
example : getline(cin, name);
noo .. there is a mistake ..
there is two way to accept a string like "John Smith" ..
char input[Max_Size];

cin.getline(input, Max_Size, '\n');
then assign the value to *name* string ..


declare two strings
string fname, sname;
getline(cin, fname, ' ');
getline(cin, sname);

so you enter the first name and the program won't skip to the next getline before pressing ' '(space character) ..

in the second way ..
after get the fname and sname you can do

name = fname;
name.append(" ");

regards, Ahmad;
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If I were you I would choose the second way .. because advanced c++ programmers beleives that casting is a bad thing ..
as I told you ..in the second way the code will not step to the second getline , until the user hit the enter key '  ' .
but you still have to hit the enter key twice after entering the second name :) ..

using namespace std;

void main()
      string fname, sname, name;
                cout<<"enter the name :"
      getline(cin, fname, ' ');
                    getline(cin, sname);
      name = fname;
      name.append(" ");

hope that helps ;o)

I have just noticed that you don't have to do all that things ..
just do
cout<<"Enter the name : ";
getline(cin, name);

and it will accept any string -the user enter - untill hitting the enter key..!!

really , I don't know what I was thinking of ???
soo sorry ..
bye ..
jrobinson3k1Author Commented:
All righty, I'll try this when I get a chance. Thanks.
jrobinson3k1Author Commented:
works perfectly. thanks!
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