Can only upload part of a file with FTP client.

Posted on 2006-05-26
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have no idea whats going on, and maybe im too frustrated to think clearly but i cannot upload a whole file to any of the FTP sites that i have connected to.  No matter what file type or size it always fails right before the whole file is uploaded.  If its a 4 meg file, it will upload like 3.8 meg then fail.

I dont have a local firewall active.

Ive used both smartFTP and WS_FTP to connect to the two different sites.

I can connect to the sites fine, i can browse the sites fine, i can download any file i want and it will download the whole file no problem.

Here is the log from SmartFTP:
[12:12:24] Remote file exist check: "SBALEG.pdf".
[12:12:24] TYPE I
[12:12:24] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[12:12:24] SIZE SBALEG.pdf
[12:12:24] 550 Can't check for file existence
[12:12:24] File size check (SIZE) failed. File not found or permission denied.
[12:12:24] PASV
[12:12:24] 227 Entering Passive Mode (72,22,69,71,31,210)
[12:12:24] Opening data connection to Port: 8146
[12:12:24] STOR SBALEG.pdf
[12:12:24] 150 Accepted data connection
[12:12:27] 68622 bytes transferred. (24.9 KB/s) (00:00:02)
[12:12:27] 421 Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds)
[12:12:27] MDTM 20060523170907 SBALEG.pdf
[12:12:28] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[12:12:28] Transfer failed.

Question by:Justin_Walker

    Author Comment

    i loaded WS_FTP on another machine and it works great.  I can upload the whole file and everything.  So its definetly not the site and definetly not the connection to the site i must be something wrong with my PC... which is disturbing. Maybe its time for a good ol' format.  Anyone have any ideas before i go through those hoops?
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    Expert Comment

    This may not solve the problem, but it's worth a try.  Uninstall all networking protocols and services, then reboot and reinstall.
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    Expert Comment

    by:Jason C. Levine

    Before you go thermonuclear on the machine, sweep for viruses and malware and check to see if your AV program or the built-in Windows firewall isn't screwing with the FTP port...
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    Expert Comment

    Uncheck the 'send noop command during transfer' option and try that.

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    If you're using a router to share an internet connection (or for any reason, really), check with the manufacturer.  This is a common problem.
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    Assisted Solution

    The problem is a server side problem in this case - one that I personally have had. Justin should be able to fix it by not sending the nop command while connected to those particualr sites.

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    IY sounds like you have a permission problem with your hosting account. Reset the permissions to 777 or 755 and upload and see if thatg works.

    Maybe trying a different ftp client, like cuteftp

    download the eval version, fully works and see if that cures it. Ive had many customers with smartFTP and WS_FTP
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    It's entering PASV mode, which if this is a home computer usually indicates that there's a broadband router in place.  This is a common problem (or was, at least, as I think most have resolved it now) when doing NAT on an internet connection.  It doesn't get noticed with most connections as most of what people do rely on non-persistent connections so ftp is where it usually shows up.  There's typically a setting that can resolve it or possibly a firmware upgrade if it's an older model.

    Author Comment

    Ok, heres everything that ive tried....

    I have windows defender running as well as every microsoft update thats out installed. I run Trendmicro office scan on my computer everyday at 12 with realtime scan enabled. I personally use ZoneAlarm for a firewall.  I didnt come up with any virus or spyware items.  I find using a combo of these items as well as browsing the internet with FireFox keeps my machine pretty clean.

    I’ve tried two different locations, both sites i tried 4 different programs
    -FTP in jedit
    -FTP in dreamweaver

    I’ve tried to transfer over wireless, and over wired connection.

    I tried from 2 locations, home and work. From both locations i was able to upload files on a different computer using any of the programs listed above without fail.

    Both connections are broadband cable. Here at work we have a PIX 506E and at home i have a Linksys Wireless router that uses the newest firmware I could find.

    This leads me to believe it is directly related to something wrong with my computer, and not with any of the sites, permissions, or programs that I have used.

    I reinstalled all protocols and drivers for networking devices, and retired everything above.

    I went into SmartFTP and turned off "keep connection alive" which is what CJMCHCH was talking about.  While transferring the file the file still fails to fully upload.

    I have been able to upload complete files using the sites HTTP driven file uploader.

    I haven’t had any other network related issues such as errors during file sharing or at work with outlook or RDP.  

    Its really odd, its not that it wont upload the file at all, it’s that it only upload part of it.  I can actually browse to the page that i uploaded and view source and see over half the code.  It just won’t upload the whole file.  At one point in time it this problem occurred, I do remember in the past being able to do what I needed to upload files.  When it stopped I cannot pinpoint in my mind, which I wish that I could.  Due to this I think its time for a good ol' format.  It has been a good 8 months and it’s about time for a clean slate.


    Unless there is any other ideas today, ill be formatting tonight.  After the format we will see how things go, then ill dish out points to those who have had helpful ideas.
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    Accepted Solution

    I'd try it natively connected to the cable connection.  Uninstall zone alarm (if you're going to reformat anyhow, couldn't hurt) and connect it directly to the cable modem (bypass the linksys router).  My money is on zone alarm being the cause from what you described above.  Running a software firewall behind a hardware firewall can lead to interesting situations.

    Author Comment

    Nothing but a format fixed it, i have no idea what happened.  I awarded ClickCentric and CJMCHCH  the points for giving me helpful hints on how to fix this problem.

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