Ignite Backup using a tape autoloader

We currently have (2) RX4640 running HP-UX 11.23.  We also have a tape autoloader that is managed by HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Manager software.  I would like to know how I can run an Ignite backup off one of the servers to the tapes in the autoloader.
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Can both servers use the tape drive directly (and boot from it in case of disaster [or at least boot that tape using an internal drive])?  If so, use make_tape_recovery. Whatever schedule etc. controls the autoloader needs to put the appropriate tape in and then initiate the Ignite backup.

The tape contains a bootable mini-kernel, followed by the Ignite tape image, both of which are needed for a bare-metal recovery. As far as I know there is no easy way to create this tape "manually" as an image taken via make_tape_recovery differs from that take using make_net_recovery.

If not, an Ignite tape is not much use: I'd suggest making both HP-UX servers into Ignite servers so they can take images of each other (and could be used to quickly rebuild the other if needed).

The image files can then be backed off-site in case of a disaster taking out both servers.

More info on your setup would be useful:
- Tape drive types (internal + in the autoloader)
- If all systems are on the same network subnet
if you use:
    /opt/ignite/bin/make_recovery -Avid /dev/rmt/0m

to perform the system backup, in case your system failed, you can straight
boot from the tape and automatically restore it from tape to the HD.

   man make_recovery
to learn more details.
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