ISP change what to expect with windows 2000 server


I have a w2k server that is being moved from one location to another.  But will support the same AD and users.  The ISP will change and the owner has no idea about the setup.

the server doesn't even have a login/passwd to access it! yikes

what should I expect with the isp change?  There is a router so I shouldn't have to change the ip settings but I am concerned about dns and wins settings.  What would I need to do for those?
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wins and dns is all internal, if the router handles DHCP then it will also fix up your external DNS settings,

if a server handles DNS then you just need to change your forwarders and thats it
Hi sugarfreeless,

depends on how your DHCP and DNS is setup - if the router handles it all then you will be fine, if the server handles then we need to change a few things
sugarfreelessAuthor Commented:
I'm not worried about the ips changing because I'll keep them all private.  I can only hope that the router handles dns.  But I wont know until I get there and I'd hate to go in just guessing.  If you know how to reconfigure dns on w2k server then give me some pointers or links.

so I guess this means there would be no changes w/wins?
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