setting the order of programs that start in Windows 2000

Is there any way of setting the order in which programs start in Windows 2000?
If so, how?
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AndreDekoltaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To control the load order in the Startup folder, you can rename the icons so that they are arranged in the order in which you want them to load.

In earlier versions of Windows, you can control the load order of the Startup group by the order in which the icons are placed in the Startup group. Windows 3.x loads Windows-based programs starting from left to right. After loading all the Windows-based programs, Windows 3.x then continues loading MS-DOS-based programs from left to right. In Windows 95, the order in which programs in the Startup folder are loaded is determined by the names of the programs. Programs in the Startup folder are loaded in alphabetical order.
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