Access to web page DOM from Internet Explorer "add-on"

Posted on 2006-05-26
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It's been a loooong time since I was doing microsoft coding but I still have Visual Studio .net and I would like to build an IE add-on:

What I want is a program running within IE that accesses the DOM of every page that I am browsing (is this called an agent?). It would be nice to have an on/off switch but I'll save that for another question.

Can someone please give me a step by step on how I can get started?  Links to relevant tutorials & api's would also be very much appreciated.  

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>>is this called an agent ?.

Probably you need to develop BHO ( Browser helper Object ) for this...

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you need code to All Enumerate the HTML elements in page.. you may HTMLDocument2::get_all() for this...

code will be something like this :

    //grabbing all elements of the page
      //Enumerate the HTML elements
                IHTMLElementCollection* pColl = NULL;
                hr = pHTMLDocument2->get_all( &pColl );
                if (hr == S_OK && pColl != NULL)
                    LONG celem;
             //Find the count of the elements
                    hr = pColl->get_length( &celem );

                    if ( hr == S_OK )
                        //Loop through each elment

                        for ( int i=0; i< celem; i++ )
                            VARIANT varIndex;
                            varIndex.vt = VT_UINT;
                            varIndex.lVal = i;
                            VARIANT var2;
                            VariantInit( &var2 );
                            IDispatch* pDisp;
                            hr = pColl->item( varIndex,  var2, &pDisp );//Get an element

                            if ( hr == S_OK )
                                IHTMLElement* pElem;
                                hr = pDisp->QueryInterface( IID_IHTMLElement,(void **)&pElem);
                                if ( hr == S_OK )
                                    BSTR bstr;
                                    //Get the tag name for the element
                                    hr = pElem->get_tagName(&bstr);
                                    CString strTag;
                                    strTag = bstr;
                                    //We need to check for
                                    //input elemnt on login screen
                                    IHTMLInputTextElement* pUser;
                                    hr = pDisp->QueryInterface(
                                        (void **)&pUser );

                                    if ( hr == S_OK )
                                       // Got elements Do stufff here...

Refer this example project with src code..specially look at CYahooDlg::OnBnClickedButton1() function :
http://www.codeproject.com/com/DHTML_Interfaces.asp <==

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That doesn't sound right Mahesh, In my own search I found access to the DOM is as simple as

IHTMLDocument2 document = (IHTMLDocument2)webBrowser.Document;

I just want to get access to the DOM, not reconstruct it. Then I can get individual elements like so:

object sigObj = document.all.item(destElemId, 0);

I still don't even know how to start this project in VS.NET is there a BHO project?

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Accepted Solution

mahesh1402 earned 2000 total points
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Above sample code shows accessing individual elements using DOM only...There is another article at codeguru 'Viewing the IE Document Object Model '
http://www.codeguru.com/Cpp/COM-Tech/atl/misc/article.php/c3619/ <==

Well BHO ie. Browser Helper Object or IE Extension Object is yor IE add-in in which you are goin to construct above functionality...Above article with src code includes such ATL BHO for sample.. Well but i dont have any exact implemented sample in VS.NET yet ! BUT there is another article at codeguru about BHO 'Porting Legacy Browser Helper and IE Extension Objects to .NET ' which Peek Document Object Model from Browser Helper Object !!
Refer : http://www.codeguru.com/csharp/.net/net_general/article.php/c4671/ <=========**

Other sample BHO projects in VC++ :

Hope This Helps


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ID: 16774389
Here is an another BHO project with src which create a DOM extension with the BHO  'Popup Blocker'


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