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I have a Cisco 2600 I am about to put in place of a Cisco 1600. We currently have a single T1 line running directly into my 1600 which in turn then routes out to my firewall. We are increasing our bandwidth from a T1 channel of 1.544Mbps to 3.088Mbps, effectively doubling our bandwidth. This concept is new to me and my ISP engineer stated that two circuits can be connected to the one router for all network traffic to flow out and in. I currently have all NAT's taking place in a PIX 515E and all internal IP set to route out to a single external IP address. My question is this, How can I create a config to split the routes that traffic travels into two separate routes? Or can I just set static routes in place for each circuit then continue my NAT's from the Firewall which will route out which ever circuit the IP is associated with? That is the current configuration now, for every internal srvr IP there is an external associated with the exception of all users, they are set to the global external IP. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are really two ways to do it, depending on the ISP
Option 1 is to use two basic static default routes that will automatically load-balance
  ip cef
  ip route serial0/0
  ip route serial0/1

Option 2 is to create a ppp multilink "bonded" pair, but your ISP will have to give you a sample config that matches their end.

Neither option should require any changes to the PIX. The PIX' default gateway will still be the Ethernet IP of the 2600.
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