upgrade problem in partition servers

Dear experts

Prior to touch the live servers I thought to simulate the exact scenario in test environment.

Tasks:  Upgrade both servers to domino 7 , one by one, start with server 1 first.

Scenario: I have server 1 and server 2 both running 6.5.5 on windows 2000 as partition servers on single physical machine , both are clustered with each other .
Server 1-> domino1 & data1
Server 2-> domino 2 & data2

Problem :  When put domino 7 CD and try to run setup , during installation it prompts for domino and data directory so I directed to use domino1 and data1 respectively.

It successfully finishes installation but I was amazed to see that it tried to uninstall previous version of notes version then finish installation of 7.
Thereafter, I ran server 1 again and it prompted for upgrading domino directory as per normal and I said ‘YES’ to proceed.
Everything normal and server 1 now work as 7 but realized later that server 2 gone. I cannot run server 2 anymore.

Questions : 1- How to prevent un-installation ?
                    2- What went wrong in the whole process?

Ur expert advice will help me to prevent this problem to occur in live environment.


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It doesn't sound like the servers are actually partitioned servers as defined by Lotus, since you have two program directories.  I think that having different program directories will be problematic for you.  It is only possible to upgrade both partitioned servers at the same time and you do this by selecting the partitioned server option during setup.

If you have two copies of the Domino server on one machine the R7 CD will probably upgrade the one it finds in the registry  successfully.  It might be necessary if you want to upgrade two copies of the server to do one at a time and manually change the registry but I don't suggest doing that.

The best thing I can think to do is to backup your two notes.ini files and the two data directories.  Then install R6.5 as a proper partitioned server and restore the data and notes.ini files.  Then upgrade to R7 as a partitioned server.
DId you read this

Title: Lotus Notes and Domino 7 Enterprise Upgrade Best Practices
(For those planning a migration to Domino version 7)
Link: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/Redbooks.nsf/RedpieceAbstracts/redp4120.html?Open

I hope this helps !
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blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
what u are saying make sense to me , Its partition problem infact.
if it would have installed in single 'domino' directory then upgrade scenario would be different and smooth.

actually i tried many times(testing environment) to use the same domino directory for partition server (i.e server 2)
i usually stop server 1 first and then install another server as partition in the same domino directory but different data directory but once installation gets finished i am no longer to use back server 1 , something overwritten , dom't know what goes wrong .
that was the reason i had choosen different directory.
I think the problem is that once on domino server is installed you cannot just install another partitioned server.  The way around that is to backup your data directories and then install partitioned servers from scratch.  Then you can restore the data directories and you should be fine.
blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
1st server supposed to be installed as partition server then followed by 2nd server with diff data dirctory

thanks man
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