Lockout problems with dialing into a Windows 2003 Domain on Windows 98

I am having a promblem when my users on Windows 98 computers dial in to the domain.  I am using RAS to setup the dialin properties.  The users can dial in, their username and password is accepted and then they are asked to authenticate onto the network.  Somewhere between the point of when their username and password are accepted for the dial in and they are asked to authenticate with the network their account becomes locked out.  There is a lockout policy on my domain that locks an account out after 3 unsuccessful attemps but there are no unsucceful entries ever entered.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing the lockout and how I could solve this problem?
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Hi darylcroft,

enable auditing in Group Policy and see if you can see whats happening to the account
darylcroftAuthor Commented:
I have finally solved this problem on my own but figured that I would post a solution for others to see.  I found that this is caused when you are using an older version of DS Client for Windows 98.  Basically it attempts to logon twice instantly for some reason and then about 10 seconds later attempts another logon and locks itself out on most systems.

To solve this problem download the latest version of DS Client.  DS Client 5.0.2920.5 is the version that I downloaded and was able to solve the problem with.  I am not going to post a link to it however since all the download sites I found were unreliable.
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