how to recover w2k from failed disk

I have one W2K server sp4, the o/s crashed, stop error c0000218, registry crashed, Now I install another same server, and attached the old harddrive to it. when I boot up the new server, I can see all the contents of the old hard drive. Is there some way I can copy all the data and the registry over to the new server and make the application run on the new one?There is an SQL database on it too.
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Hi hhsl_server,

dont even attempt to do it that way, if your disk had issues then start fresh, reinstall your appz and copy over your data, trust me, the time you would take trying to figure this out and narrow down problems, a clean install would be quicker!
Do as jayjay says, and then restore the SQL and any other data from your backup.
If you'd copy the old registry, you'd also copy the crash!
If you need help to copy the data just ask us.
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