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Setting up DHCP on a designated NIC

I have a Windows 2003 server which has 3 NIC's.
NIC 1 is connected to the company LAN and has a static IP address.
NIC2 has a netbuei running on it and connects to a local network through a switch
NIC 3 is the card I wish to use for DHCP.

How can I ensure during DHCP setup and scope assignment that NIC 3 is used and that NIC'S 1 AND 2 will function as they always have without interference.


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1 Solution
Open DHCP, click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click DHCP.

Select the DHCP Server.
On the Action menu, click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Click Bindings.
In the Bindings dialog box, for the list of Connections and server bindings, select the box for the IP Address of NIC3 only. Clear any other boxes. Click OK.
On the Advanced tab, click Apply.
"How can I ensure during DHCP setup and scope assignment that NIC 3 is used and that NIC'S 1 AND 2 will function as they always have without interference."

You cant.  you are kidding yourself it you think 1 of 3 NICS in a server can be used to enforce DHCP for the netire network.  Use a dedicated ROUTER for DHCP, they do it MUCH MUCH better than 2003 as they are made for DHCP.  Use the server for windows tasks like file and print sharing and applications, not DHCP, a router is better for that, and it never fails.
gmoconnoAuthor Commented:
Trwojcik, thanks for your feedback. The only thing I have a question about is that there is no connections listed in the bindings box unless I have at least one PC connected. I presume this is normal.

Hey Scratchcyboy. Thanks for the info.
Why am I kidding myself?  I have a little subnet with no more than about 10-15 PC's. I have already set up the DHCP scope and it seems to be going OK.  

I don't want to use a router if I can help it. Are you saying it is absolutely not gonna work.

Tell me what the downside is
Only NICs with statis IP should show in the binding box, so NIC2 should not show. I have not tested it with no PCs connected.

Test for yourself. Connect a DHCP enabled client PC to the same subnet connected to NIC1 or NIC2 and see if it gets an IP address from your server.

gmoconnoAuthor Commented:
Thanks trwojcik,

I think the trick is to unplug other NICs and only connect a client configured fro DHCP to the required NIC. Then do the bindings. Seems to work fine. I have connected 6 clients through switch connected to the binded NIC and all OK. I then plugged switch into other TCP/IP NIC that also has a static address but no ip were assigned. The binding seems to work so thanks for the help.

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