Software that detect the lan my connected and assign the good proxy, ip's


Im looking for a software to automaticly change the general setting of my notebook.

When im at the office 1.

I need to change my proxy in Internet Explorer
I need to change settings in outlook 2000, for pop and smtp because i pass through the proxy
I need to change the gateway, dns and wins.

When im on the road,

I need to remove the proxy in internet explorer
I need to change settings in outlook 2000 to real pop and smtp adresse
I need to put provider DNS and get an adresse from provider.

For some person in the office, they dont have that knowledge and ive got to guide them each time.

So what is your solution to fix that,


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use multiple network profile manager like

Or follow this article for windows Based multiple network profile.
I found a Free Proxy Changer, never used it, but here is the link

You can use the NETSH command to push IP configuration changes, then make a batch file, one for HOME one for WORK, then they just have to double-click when they are at each place, here is the link on syntax

Is it possible to make multiple pofiles in Outlook 2000?, one for work one for home?

Just use two different login profiles, windows already has this capability built in.  Instead of running an app, you just simply log out and login as a different profile name, it takes all of 20 seconds, and the profiles persist for the life of the OS, whereas if the software you try to get to manage this doesnt work, you lose all and waste hours!!
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