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Multiple IPs

Hello we have a T1 with 5 static ips, we just use a basic sonic wall router. How do we utilize the other 4 IP address? Do we need to plug the internet into a switch and then plug multiple routers into the switch or something?

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usually the ISP gives you a contiguous block of IP addresses, like XX.XX.XX.1, XX.XX.XX.2, XX.XX.XX.3, and they give you a Gateway, and Subnet

Not sure about Sonicwall, but on the Outside interface of the Firewall, you configure it so that it knows the IP and Mask settings given to you from your ISP, and from there, you will have all 5 IP's available for use,

to use them, they each one will be mapped to different servers offereing services by your company, like one of them will be your Mail Servers IP, and one will be your WEB Servers IP, and ONE will be used for an FTP server, etc....

my explanation is very general, maybe someone knows sonicwall specifically...
Yes.  Unless you have some servers that you want to be directly on the internet, then you can plug them into the initial switch you would use to "split" the connection.  Do you need all 5?  A lot of ISP's do that when you get a static address.  If you are just sharing the internet connection among workstations, then you probably don't need to use the other IP's.
How use use the other 4 IPs depends on your intended purpose for them...  What do you want to do with the other IPs?
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You can use them by doing a static nat to four of your servers.

These can be a web server, mail server, ftp server etc.

You can setup your VPN gateway if you like.

Just put static nat on your router.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Which SonicWall router do you have?

I have the TZ170 and I am configured to ISP router which is gateway to my 5 static addresses.  One is consumed by the SonicWall and then I use other addressed to point to key servers like mail, web, as stated above using NAT.
BrianGEFF719Author Commented:
Okay, I just found out we're going to dump our sonicwall tz170 for a netgear fvg318. Why? I dont know, not my decision.

Normally when you configure these kinds of routers you enter the static ip. How would I make use of all 5?

I want to be able to receieve web traffic on 1 IP and VPN traffic on a different IP.

I dont know the exact option available with the NETGEAR, but you will have the option to put the IP address, and the Subnet mask given to you by your ISP, that will allow the 5 IP addresses you were alotted to be used by the NETGEAR.....then you setup Static Translations....one IP will translate to your Web Server, one to your Mail Server etc....
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