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I have a sharepoint internal website that users connect to for documents and announcements and such.  The problem I'm running into is that if they browse to a document library and try to open a file, it prompts for their username and password again.  This only seems to happen if it's an office document as pdf files open without prompt.  I should mention that authentication is based on active directory, but the clients are NOT local and connecting through a VPN.  Because they're remote, they don't actually log into the domain.  Is there a way to cache their credentials so that they only have to log in one time when they enter the site, or is there a setting somewhere that I missed?
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jdhalversonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way is to set allow annonymous access to that site.  The other is certificate services.  That one you might want to read into since it isn't a plug and play setup.  Other than that I'm unsure of since sharepoint ties in well with AD for security and each document library or site is like a new shared folder in essence.
itgrouptnAuthor Commented:
It looks like you have to enter the password each time a new document type is opened.  For example, the first time I open a word document it prompts for a password, but any word document opened during that session will open without prompting.  However, if I then try to open an excel document if prompts for the password again.  How can I have the user enter their password one time when the page opens, then use those credentials each time a new page/document is opened?
itgrouptnAuthor Commented:
I thought about using certificates, but clients might be using public computers to access this site through an SSL VPN.  Something like single sign-on or .net passport would probably work, but I don't want to purchase anything else.  The administrative overhead of mapping certificates to user accounts might become too much with 100+ users.  Is there a way to automatically map user accounts based on UPN or some other unique identifier?
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On the client computer open Internet Explorer go to
Tools --> Internet Options
Click on Security tab
Click on trusted sites.
Enter your sharepoint url
make sure the checkbox for ssl is not checked if you are not using ssl.
Click ok
Close IE
Open IE and go to your sharepoint site and see if the problem is resolved.
itgrouptnAuthor Commented:
I tried that already.  The problem is that the username/password for their computers don't match the active directory usernames.  These are remote users and are not actually logging into the domain.
itgrouptnAuthor Commented:
I seems that this is a know problem with SharePoint.  As I'm not using Sharepoint Portal, there isn't a built-in single sign-on solution, so I've simply set up certificates to be used as authentication and it works great.
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