Corporate Instant Messanger question?

Would you allow IM if there is legit reason for use and what would be secure IM choices? Encripted and with disabled file transfer options?

Thank you
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

The popular instant messenger is AOL Instant Messenger andMSN messenger , You can use any IM and if you want to restricted any service then you can use the firewall and i suggest you please use zone alarm firewall for it so you can restricted the file transfer.
download and read documentation and test it your self

Hi howei,

i dont see a problem with allowing it, our company does and i find it is a great tool, i dislike MSN immensely so use a better interface for it call Trillian, either that or windows messenger
You can use a corporate only solution such as Messanger running off a Windows Communications Server . IM can have very legitimate and good uses.  I actually implemented an IRC server for a consumer service dept that ended up shaving minutes off call time .
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