sharing GAL in 2 exchange server

I would like to know if I have 2 exchange servers in 2 different geographical areas, example

exchange1 in California and belongs to
exchange2 in Florida and belongs to

how do I make users in parentdomain and child.parentdomain see the same gloabal address list? or is it automatic?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If they are in the same forest then they should have joined the same Exchange org - and you will see both servers in ESM. If that is the case, then every account will be in the GAL - unless you have changed something with the address books to change that behaviour.

The key thing is whether they are in the same Exchange org.
You can only have one Exchange org per forest, so if the domains are in the same forest then there shouldn't be much more to do.

However, you haven't provided much more information on your setup, so more indepth answer isn't possible. You may want to look at the planning and deployment guides on which will cover this scenario.

jskfanAuthor Commented:
they are in one forest but in 2 different servers and 2 different geographical locations.

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