NFSU2 stop: 0x000007E Error?

Hey all

This problem has only surfaced after i havent been playing Need for Speed Underground2 alot
Before the problem never existed & the game ran fine without a problem, but im not sure what is casuing this stop error with the blue screen.
All the Other Games i have dont have this problem, so im just wondering if its just he Game itself corrupted itself in some way from inactive usage, or could it be the Profile? ( Saved player stuff )
I only have 2 profiles & 1 of them is finished & complete, the other witch ive had the problem arrise has had the errors.
Ill try the Other Profile later when i get some time.

Or should i just Reinstall the Game & back-up the Profiles.
My PC has always ran fine & still does except the Game itself, so a driver issue would be unlikely.
The Video Card is nVidia FX5200 & has the 84.xx Series Drivers, the card itself has loads of cooling, so knocks out a over heating issue,
the game graphics are set to medium they have always been on this setting so.. yeah.

Thanks in Advanced.
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KSF2003Author Commented:
Hey to Anyone Reading this.

I have Checked the Other Profile that is Finished but it doesnt error or play up @ any point of the games.

I also tried a Different Event on the New Profile it didnt error, so i tried the event where it did error, and no error.

So does the Profiles Auto Corrupt themselves of something because i have anti-virus & firewall up all the time, so a virus is unlikely.

Thanks Again
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
TBH I think you have solved this yourself a file in your profile has become corrupted.

It could be driver related though and removing and reinstalling the Forceware driver could help.

Otherwise if you can afford to delete the profile and create a new one this would probably save a lot of troubleshooting time.

See also M$'s KB on the 7E Stop error
KSF2003Author Commented:
Hmm any drivers from nVidia that are newer than 84.xx ones? cause thats what i have atm
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
No, I think your driver version is fine, I suspect the problem is it's the installation that is damaged.  The problem is tracing where the error within this profile is & if you need to retain it removing the 84.xx driver completely rebooting and reinstalling *could* correct this but it's a long shot.  If you can lose the profile and create a new one to replace it you are much more likely to get a quick solution.
KSF2003Author Commented:
hmm but it works if i go and complete another event race on the map sometimes & i can come back to it after another race & all is good but after awhile the problem will arrise again
KSF2003Author Commented:
Ok it seems i have Temp fixed the problem, just to let you know im also using a Cracked exe version witch might also cause the corruption, i have noticed if you select a different race etc or visit a shop after getting the blue screen this error will 75% time disapear, witch i have solved the problem myself.

If it would not be much trouble for a Forum Mob/Admin to redeem my point thanks, i would like to ask a different question elsewere

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