Proper Serialization, DB communication, Data structures, ect

i`m looking for books, websites, or the like that discuss good programming techniques for some of the finer points of j2se (or OOP in general).

Serialization, Applet and Servlet communicaiton with a database, session management (tomcat), and expandable/updatable data structures is my primary interest, but other 'advice' is more than welcome. My end goal is to be able to optimize existing software.

The bits I've been able to find are few and far between. I suppose this is the type of thing that has to be, for the most part, learned the slow, painful way. I'm not looking for syntax resources, those are plentiful :P
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> My end goal is to be able to optimize existing software
and the book
Java Performance Tuning 2nd edition (O'Reilly)

also read some books about "Design Patterns"
You can also find information on the following urls

In general if you do a search on google it will come up with lots of results.
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