I have a cable with 3 pairs, and no writing, how can I tell what kind of cable it is?

I have a cable with 3 pairs of wires (Orange, Green and Brown I think), and no writing, how can I tell what kind of cable it is? It's pretty thin, between the thickness of my telephone cable and the ethernet cables that came with my router.
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davidgareauAuthor Commented:
How does this cable compare to Cat 5 and Cat 5e cable?
Can I use this to connect (hard-wire) from my Wireless-G Router (Which has 4 ports for other computers in the back) in one room to a switch or access point in another room 130-150 feet away, because the wireless connection is not very stable as there are many walls in the way.
Use a gigabit cable for your network connection.  I don't think that this cable would help you there.
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CAT3 cable is good for voice, actually quite good for that.  It's also suitable for ethernet @ 10 M b/s (i.e. 10Base-T).  It is NOT suitable for anything faster.  Use CAT5 or better.  If you are installing NEW cable, install CAT5e or CAT6.
Ethernet uses only pair 3 (green, on pins 1 and 2), and pair 2 (orange, on pins 3 and 6).

CAT 5 Cable Specifications:

Frequency       Max. Attenuation per 1000 ft/ 304 m       Resistance per 1000 ft/ 304 m       Capacitance       Impedance

4 MHz       13 dB       28,6 ohms       14 pF/ft       100 ohms
10 MHz       20 dB       28,6 ohms       14 pF/ft       100 ohms
20 MHz       28 dB       28,6 ohms       14 pF/ft       100 ohms
100 MHz 67 dB       28,6 ohms       14 pF/ft       100 ohms

Read the complete and detailed Description of Cat 5 / Cat 5e / Cat 3   Cables

In General Etherbet application only two pairs are used. Though there are four Pairs available in Cat 5 cable.
Remaining two pairs are reserved for Cisco voip phones etc and not used.

But the bandwidth Cat 5 can support is heigher and less attenuation is there.

Finally I can say :

Cat 3 = 10   Mbps  upto 100 Mtrs.  and are suitable for Telephone and voice application.

Cat 5 = 100 Mbps upto  100 Mtrs.  and are suitable for LAN

Cat 6 = 1000 Mbps upto 100 Mtrs. and are suitable for High Speed Data Transfer upto 1000 Mega Bits / Second  and called Gigabit and is required for modern gigabit ethernet cards.
davidgareauAuthor Commented:
Thanks, oh well, I guess, the free cable I got from my brother (Cat3) isn't gonna do...
Ya get what ya pay for...

Isn't gonna to for WHAT?  What's your intended application?  CAT3 is good for analog/voice telephone and 10MB/s ethernet.
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