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must click Flash in order to activate

i'm on win XP sp2 and IE 6.0.29

at some point a few months ago I noticed that any flash displaying on a page requires that I click on the object before it is activated. wheni hover over it, the flash object will have a marquee around it. sometimes a hover text tag will appear telling me that i have to click or press the spacebar to activate the Active X control. I am not sure if this was a security feature added from an autoupdate, or perhaps a microsoft anti-spyware update but it is sometimes annoying especially since i do not know how to turn it off. I can see how this might be useful though since i guess since i guess it is blocking potentialy harmful scripts taht may execute without warning. any ideas?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
there's nothing that you can do.. it's a Microsoft security update.

if you are however developing the Flash content, then let me direct you to this


Recent Flash issue.. the above is the solution.
Greetings, kenitech !

As irwinpks, this is a security update introduced by Microsoft.  It arises out of a dispute between Microsoft and a flash developer.  There is a 60 patch, and some users have written some javascripts to work around it. See the solutions in this thread:

Best wishes!
kenitechAuthor Commented:
wow, that is quite frustrating. yes, it is a combination of developing flash as well as just normal web use. ok, i will try these out on my next project.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thank you..sorry about the bummer news

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