how can I make a background like this image here
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Looks like a couple of different layers in photoshop---looks like they swirl blurred an image of a flower and scaled it several times for the background.-they've got some sort of weird film canister image, they duped that and flipped it horizontally, then they pasted several images of the same flower rotated to teh left of the image, then several images of a different flower rotated on the right, and one extra flower facing down-probably some freeware flower--like from or something. looks like they combined it all on one layer, then put a brush on the erase tool and did some sort of strange erase over a white background, and also did some sort of stroke layer with black line on top of that?

It's definitely a mix of things.
Brush tool, play around with the settings, opacity, tips etc....  find images that you want to have in it as well  and copy and paste them into your collage...

You can also probably find flower brushes to use...
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