ISA 2004 communication when down

I have a small environment with 2 servers which both handle more tasks than I would like. One of the servers has ISA 2004 with and external and internal NIC on it. It is configured as a second line of defense with the first being a cisco firewall. This server though also holds the SQL server and files. Every now and then the ISA service goes down. Doesn't happen too often but it does, and when it does it stops communications on both NICs. Is there a way to have it NOT stop communication on the internal NIC when this happens?

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Couple of things here.

The likelihood is that it is the firewall service that bombs.

No, is the answer. If the firewalls service stops, the ISA is incommunicado as far as traffic transfer is concerned. Remember ISA is only supposed to run ISA, nothing else. It sees security from both the external & the internal NIC perspective.

What you can do is an auto restart of the service
right-click my computer and choose Manage
Go into the services and find the Micosoft firewall service.
Right-click the service and select properties.
Select the recovery tab
Select first, second and subsequent failures to restart service.
mascolojAuthor Commented:
Ya, I was afraid of that answer. Well, the service is set to restart. I suppose I will need to deal with this problem as it comes up and hope for the best until it does. Thanks for the quick response.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
No problem, sorry it was not more biased towards your needs.

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