MS OutLook email Delay Problem! or The following recipient(s) could not be reached: this error

I have config my Exchange 2003 Server on my domain for local mails when i configure ma MS outlook for internmail through POP3 it gives me failuire delivery msgs what should i do. Some times it send but most of the times it gives me the delays or no delivery to the following ""The following recipient(s) could not be reached:"" < #4.4.7> and this msg comes n ask me to contact the administrator. Please guide me how to solve this problem.

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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You use Exchange for internal emailing only. Are there any other email servers available to you, say for example, external email sending?

For your Exchange Server How many clients had you configured? Are all of them having the same problem?

If you had only configured the Server for internal emailing you will not be able to send out to external addresses at all. Could you be more specific about the set up in place.
Can you tell us whether this happens all the time or randomly?
Sorry. You had mentioned that it does happen at random. Does it always happen when you send to the same address or not? Are you certain that the address that you use is correct?
oyesaliAuthor Commented:
It happens all the times when i try to send outside mails on gmail or yahoo ro some where else or any other domain for the emails so this is how i am facing the problem everytime. Please help me out in order to solve this issue.

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