problem with asus p5ld2-vm motherboard restart after shut down

hello experts
i have a brand new motherboard asus p5ld2-vm
after shut down it restarts.
i have a dual core 3.2 p4 proccesor
1 giga of memory ddr2
520 power supply
xppro system

i chacked the bios its well configuerd

vga card on board
pls let me know where to find the sulotion


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FriarTukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no problem, now you can request a refund in community support to close this thread
check your xp power options in control panel

check your pwr settings in your bios
you may need to check for updated drivers
as well as microsoft windows updates
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More specifically, check your BIOS PowerMenu settings for the following:

--restore on AC power loss: Disabled
--power on by RTC alarm: Disabled
--power on by external modem: Disabled
--power on by PCI device: Disabled
--power on by PCIe device: Disabled

Disable all of the above 'power on' options and see if the restarting stops. If so, you can test, one by one which device may be causing the power up by toggling the BIOS settings individually.

You can also check the log files in windows to see if a device is waking the system up:
control panel -> administrative tools -> event viewer

samy21Author Commented:
hello  FriarTuk it did not solve the problem.

hello maramom-it did not solve the problem

thanks         i will continue to try

hey samy, what did you try?

did you download a newer version of your bios? did you reset your bios to defaults?  did you verify the power settings in the o/s & the bios?
samy21Author Commented:
Hello FriarTuk

thanks for continuing and help .

i did all the advises i get. nothing helped,so i went to my supplier and got another motherboard.

i have 3 years grant.  that solved the problem.

looks like the motherboard was demaged.

thanks again

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