Still seeing old computer names when scanning domain

I have renamed some machines in my domain. When I run an app called Altiris (help desk and asset tracking), I not only see the machine with it's current name but also as the old name. Very strange. The application uses Active Directory to find objects. It also cans the one subnet that we use here.

Is there some way to clean up active directory so you don't see any old data from any app like that?
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Kjohnsting,

here is a good tool

otherwise check your DNS entries for conflicting records
Hi Jay Jay - (forgive the off-topic Kjohnsting) - I could use your help with another thread if you'd be kind enough? Could you drop me an email if you get chance and I'll post you the link. Your email addy from your profile isn't accessible from here,
Hey Deb,

sent you an email to the addy in your profile

I'm sure that tools Jay_jay mentioned is useful but you could also just run ADUC on the Windows server, find your computer accounts, and delete the old ones by yourself if you're 100% sure they no longer exist. Assuming you have dynamic DNS allowed properly in AD, those computers should automatically register and unregister themselves in AD's DNS without you having to do this.
its called tombstoning :)
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