PING: transmit failed, error code 5

I have never seen this error before. What does it mean and how do I resolve the issue.

I have made no major changes to my PC recently, but now when trying to ping my wired router I get this message.

I have rebooted PC and router. I have also tried connecting the cable end that is connected to the PC to another PC and then tried ping. It worked fine.

I have also tried using BART PE preboot environment on a CD. All functionality as far as networking is working. I can ping router OK.

any ideas?
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Tim HolmanCommented:
You sure it's 5 and not 65?

Anyway - if transmits are failing, then make sure your firewall, NAT or router doesn't disable ping and allows ICMP Echo and  Echo Reply packets.  Could also be a software firewall that's blocking this.
hi friend,

I think  this could be firewall software problem.
for testing try to uninstall firewall software or disable and check again.
boot PC " safe mode with networking" and try again
 some time reson could be Firewall software corruption ( uninstallation not finished properly)

i found this link through E-E, this will help

I dont think its neccesarily a firewall issue - sounds more like tcp/ip is broke.

I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling your network drivers, then if that doesnt work reset the ip stack
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