Using Vonage to connect to a Dialup ISP

   I'm using my new Vonage service to connect to a dialup ISP I have. I plug a phone cord in my laptop modem port, then the other end of the phone cord into my Vonage adapter and dial the ISP over my Vonage line. It works, but I experience a couple of problems:

- it will disconnect all by itself fairly often.
- data transfer will "pause" once in a while. For like 20 or 30 seconds or so, then it will continue normally.

...Vonage customer support itself wasn't much help - they say their service wasn't meant to be used in this way and is not supported. Any thoughts anyone?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Well, the biggest question is WHY are you using a VoIP provider to dial up to another ISP - you already have an internet connection?

But they are correct - and there's nothing you're really going to be able to do about it - except maybe try to connect SLOWER.  VoIP systems convert from analog to digital to analog again.  You're asking your Vonage connection to convert a digital signal that was already converted to analog by the modem, back to a digital signal so that it can be converted to an analog signal to go over the regular phone lines and reach a modem which will convert it back to digital.  Confused?  So is the signal.

Faxing over VoIP is not perfected yet and if faxing is having problems, you can bet dialup would.  VoIP providers recommend you KEEP an analog (non-VoIP) line or few for use with alarm systems and faxes.

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aztecAuthor Commented:
OK Lee, thanks.

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