Terminal Server Licensing

I've activated my Windows 2003 Terminal License Server and installed 30 per user CAL's but the server is still issuing temporary licenses (per Device).

Do I need to do anything or will it automatically change over to my purchased licenses after 120 days? I'm anxious that users will not be allowed in when the temp ones expire.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you've changed your terminal server to request "Per User" licenses, there's nothing left to do, you're fine. The "Per User" CALs aren't managed (yet), so you won't see a decrease in the available licenses (but you still have to have enough licenses to fulfill the EULA).
Check here for details:
The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server 2003

And maybe of interest, too:
The Ultimate Guide to Windows 2003 Terminal Server Licensing
depending on how you rolled out the use of TS on the clients, they won't all expire the same time, each has thier own 120 day from the beginning of time.

If you wish to push the issue, you can delete the temporary client on a client or two, then you will see it show up in license manager, go into the registry on a computer,

Delete the whole MSLicensing key from the registry.
ramickAuthor Commented:
Tried that Carl and in Licensing Manager is still shows the temp 2003 license for my machine with same issued date of 2 Mar and expiry date of 31st May.  None of the 30 Per User CAL's I have installed have been used. Says 'Not Applicable' even though I have changed over to Per User mode (I did this a few weeks after I activated the license server and installed the licenses when I realised license server was in Per Device mode).

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