upload local database to a live database

I had a question for ya...

Hopefully it will be brief...

I have a client that is a mechanic.

He wants to have a worksheet/form that he fills out on every repair he does.

Its basically about 50 yes no or NA questions, that I will set up as radio buttons.

I believe I can handle most everything on the form and the database.

The issue That I have is that I want to set up a Laptop for him that he can use while doing the repairs.

That he can fill the form out and it will store it in a local database.

Then when he is in his office all he will need to do is upload it to his "live" website database...

Any ideas on how I could do that?
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johnsy32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Copy the local table to a disk, create an update query in the live database to update the corresponding table.
which Database system are you intending to use...

if it was SQL server then the process could be handled by merge replication...

what is your actual scenario ...

will the mechanic just be acting on "pulled" worksheets
or will he actually be able to create "new" work that will also need to be inserted into the main database?

Generate a flat file or XML file. There are lots of methods to upload flat files to most databases.
noel4nopunAuthor Commented:
I want to set it up using php and mysql

not sure about the "pulled" but I would assume it is a new one...

He wants to have a "PM" (which is the form of 50 or so questions), he wants a form for say 5 different types of trucks. and keep these all collected by clients.

I am sure that the database design itself is going to keep me quit busy, But my Main concern for now is...

I was thinking of setting apache + php + mysql on a local laptop for him to use onsite...
And then my hopes are that he would then later be able to upload his "local" databse up to the "live" one.

Not too sure how to approach this.

PS I am new to expert exchange, tis is my first question and I want to thank you for getting back to me...

noel4nopunAuthor Commented:
I think this idea of coping a table to the hard drive/disc then updating the database is the way to go.

Now on to, how to figure that out.


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