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Creating a VB6 app Setup file - Should I include the original dll / ocx files that shipped w/ VB6 or distribute with the newer dll /ocx's from my WinXP SP2 OS?

I am creating a distribution 'setup.exe' file to distribute a VB6 app.  It is required to be installable on on Win 98 - thru - Win XP systems.
I have an installer program (Setup Specialist 2002) that allows me to select files to install.  

My current list to install is...

The .dll / ocx's will be installed to the users default system directory.
myapp.exe will be installed the the users Program Files\MyApp\ directory.
The setup programs takes care of this...  However I have 2 Generic questions about distributing VB6 apps.  Each is worth 125 points.
Question 1)
Should I include the original (older) dll / ocx files that shipped w/ VB6 SP6 distribution or should I distribute my application with the newest dll /ocx's that currently reside in my (WinXP SP2) C:\Windows\system32 directory?  (i.e. will they be compatable if installed on older systems?)
Question 2)
I once saw a list of dll's and ocx's that were 'authorized' to distribute with a VB6 application but I do not have a copy of it.  Does anybody have a copy of the list or a DL location for that list? I need to know if the files listed above are OK to distribute.

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from the msdn:

Because other applications may redistribute earlier or later versions of the same files as your application, it is important that you install newer versions of the files over older versions on your user's system, but not older versions over newer versions. Typically, version checking is the responsibility of your setup program. If you do not have a setup program for your main application, then your application must manually check the version when installing the redistributable files on your user's system.


and for a list of redistributable files, take a look in your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\ folder,
especially the file REDIST.TXT

or download mine (should be the same):

dannyhopAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I think this is what I need to know.  Maybe you could clarify this just a bit more for me... (sorry)
I believe that Setup Specialist 2002 does do version checking.  So it should not install older DLL/OCX's over newer ones.  I just wanted to be sure that sending dll's from XP would be compatible with older Win 98 and ME systems.  Sounds like you are saying that the DLL/OCX’s are always backwards compatible, but loading an older DLL on a persons machine may screw up another program they have running.  
Looking through the REDIST.TXT file you provided,  (THANK YOU!) I do not see riched32.dll or riched20.dll in the list.  When I run the VS P&D Wizard it tell me to include fiched32.dll but it isn’t on the re-distributable list?
Do you know if this means I should not distribute this and it normally is installed on all Windows machines?
Tow of the files (msvcrt20.dll and ctl3d32.ocx) show up in the samples area in the REDIST.TXT list.  Neither of these show up in the list of files generated by the P&D wizard so I’ll have to see why they were included in the Setup Specialist dist files in the past.   (I'll have to investigate why riched20.dll is in the archive for setup specialist also. hummmm...)
Thanks again for your help.  It’s all becoming a little less muddy…

>>I believe that Setup Specialist 2002 does do version checking

than that is sorted out (i don't know it so i can't tell you, sorry)

>>I just wanted to be sure that sending dll's from XP would be compatible with older Win 98 and ME systems.

as far as i know it should work, except for some library's like user32 ofcourse ;)


>>show up in the samples area in the REDIST.TXT list
i think it's ok then, i'm not sure

read this, it contains some interesting info about redistributing
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