flash player "youtube" is unable to correctly play audio with folder redirection and/or roaming profile

I have noticed youtube won't play audio with my domain user account.
I ranas iexplorer on a local account and it worked.

I looked in application data and noticed youtube was saving a file on the local account but not the domain user account.

I'm not sure why. Everything else seems to work fine with folder redirection and roaming profile.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi pcvii well it should prove some challenges for you then.
You didnt mention which windows you are using so have provided some good browsing subjects .

Yes I see now it  is a flash player, > save its settings to a network path, I think you would have to simply share the program, what if you created a shortcut inside the programs folder then cut that out and paste it into the shared folder?

I used to have problems just playing flash files  even with macromedia and dream weaver installed, I got fedup with xp file association and needed a quick fix,
found this swiff player and it works brilliant. Your wellcom to it too use it as well
at least it may confirm  to be one of xp mysteries and work for you.
Swiff Player is a Free stand-alone player that allows Web Designers and Flash Users to easily play their Flash movies.

I donot know what this youtube is.

This could be worth a browse FYI :
User Profiles and Folder Redirection FAQ

Beware of roaming user profiles

Using Windows XP Professional on a Domain

You can't add XP Home machines to domains. You should be able to give access to this machine to other users though. Configure the workgroup name to be the same name as the domain, share the printer and allow full control to Everyone. Enable the builtin Guest account
Windows XP Home Networking: Building Network Bridges

Are you at work pcvii  it could be the administrator has blocked these usb  settings so that staff are working. :)
As you said it runs on a local account how are the shares setup there?
pcviiAuthor Commented:
This is more or less a home made domain. More for educational use. The shares permissions are set to full for authenticated users and domain admins. I have the folder redirections going to one folder and the roaming profiles going to another. And I blocked the roaming profile from saving the stuff that is already redirected.

I have my docs, start menu, desktop, and app data redirected.

My thoughts are that flash player might just not be able to save it's settings to a network path. ie. \\srv\shares\users\application dat
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